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Who We Are


At Lincoln Square, we love books and the idea that publishing, at its heart, is a marketplace where we buy and sell ideas. However distressed about our world we may get at times, it's worth reminding ourselves that we are a society that celebrates elegantly written stories, thoughts, and ideas so highly, we have created an industry around them. That is an accomplishments we should all be justly proud of.


At the helm of Lincoln Square Books is Publisher Peter Rubie, a 35-plus year veteran of the book industry. Peter has created a network of colleagues and experts who work with him to craft the best team that can advise and work with every author.


Starting as a journalist in London’s Fleet Street and for BBC Radio News, Peter later moved to New York City and worked as an editor, literary agent, and mentor. For ten years, he was an adjunct professor at NYU’s Center for Publishing, and for several years ran the book publishing arm of NYU’s prestigious Summer Publishing Institute. Peter is also a published author of fiction and nonfiction books, and as a speaker is a recognized expert in publishing, editing, and literary management.

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