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Lincoln Square: Your Publishing Partner

What Makes Lincoln Square Books Different From Other Small Presses or Amazon KDP?

  • Commitment: We only publish books we believe in, in print and ebook formats.

  • Empowering authors: We empower entrepreneurial authors, making them “Co-Publishers” of their book(s), rather than, as mainstream publishing often does, turning authors into low-level cogs of a wheel whose opinions are often ignored.

  • Teamwork and Mentoring: We help authors build an effective, knowledgeable team of experts -- and mentored collaboration. These experts are focused not just on marketing or promoting your work and moving on, but on teaching YOU the tricks of their trade.

  • Bridging a Gap: We operate using a hybrid publishing model, producing and distributing books and representing subsidiary rights for a select list of authors. Lincoln Square is neither a vanity press nor a self-publishing company making their money through often over-priced production services by accepting any client who can pay for such services. We bridge the gap between mainstream publishing and self-publishing.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Lincoln Square takes advantage of Amazon's worldwide marketing and publicity tools as part of an exclusive partnership we have with the distribution giant during the first year of publication. All of this is free to an author. But, as with mainstream publishers, truly effective promotion, in particular, comes  from authors who hire their own marketing and promotion consultants. Lincoln Square offers authors access to a network of publishing experts, many of whom are veterans of mainstream publishing, who partner with Lincoln Square at special rates.

  • Generous Royalties: Our royalty terms are fair and open. After publication, Authors receive 100% of book sales royalties until any initial investment is recouped. After that, there is a 60/40% royalty split in the author’s favor. 

  • Subsidiary Rights: Lincoln Square shares in subsidiary rights of the book with the author, and offers the opportunity to work with experienced sub rights experts in a multitude of countries on books we think can be sold into foreign markets in translation and other potential formats.

  • Speed to Market: We speed our authors’ books to market. Our goal is quality publishing in half the time of traditional publishers without sacrificing book production quality.

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