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A New Publishing Option

Hybrid publishing.


Lincoln Square is a small press publisher, using modern publishing technology, production, and distribution and marketing, as well as representing the subsidiary rights of appropriate titles. However, our authors are encouraged and empowered to take on a more entrepreneurial role by helping to underwrite the cost of production and marketing and promotion of their books, giving them a “Co-Publisher” role in the publishing process.

This hybrid publishing model derives from traditional publishing and starts by turning around the concept of royalty advances. Rather than the author receiving no earned royalties until the costs of publishing the book (including the royalty advance) are met, because the author (not the publisher) underwrites many of these costs, the publisher receives no royalties until that same point is reached. The author receives royalties from the start, however.

Hybrid publishing cuts through "the red tape and confusion" of the many publishing choices an independent author faces when self-publishing publishing and distributing a book, giving him or her both a guarantee of quality, shared control over their work, and a mainstream, small press experience. 

Because of Lincoln Square's decades of publishing experience and network of experienced publishing professionals, as is the case with  traditional publishers we consult with our authors but retain the right to make all final decisions on a book’s production, including but not limited to a book’s editing, title choice, cover and graphic design. This attention to detail and pride ensures that every book we produce is high-quality and comparable to anything found at a major retailer or bookstore.

Our goal is not to make money from book production, but to simply maintain high standards with a minimum overhead.

Wherever possible, we attempt to minimize author costs without impacting book production quality. For previously published works that are now out-of-print, costs can be limited to scanning and cover design. For new books, costs usually entail line editing, copy editing, proofreading, as well as internal layout and cover design to create a professionally published book. However, if authors know publishing professionals who can assist and offset some of these costs, we are happy to work with these professionals as long as their work matches our high standards.

Costs for previously unpublished books can vary from book to book, dependent on manuscript length and production requirements. In general:

1. Production for a print and e-book version of the work: These generally start at a minimum of $4,000 for a light line edit, copy edit, and interior and cover design.  Proofreading is handled by the author.


2. Professional services. Lincoln Square prides itself on its network of experienced publishing professionals, many of whom worked in-house at traditional publishing companies before turning independent. These include book editors, book and cover designers, copy editors, proofreaders, and marketing and publicity experts. They provide their services to Lincoln Square authors at special discounted rates. Lincoln Square offers free marketing worldwide (through our exclusive one-year commitment to  Amazon, the largest book seller in the world). However, as would be the case with a major publisher, the author is also encouraged to hire his/her own marketing and promotion consultant. Lincoln Square can make referrals to these types of professionals.

3. Book earnings. The author will receive 100% of earned royalties up until such time as the initial developmental and production investment with Lincoln Square is recouped. After that, a 60% author/40% Lincoln Square royalty split will take effect for any and all further earned royalties. 

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