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For those who enjoyed Richard Matheson’s What Dreams May Come comes Nancy Brennan’s Unraveling.


What’s my name? She can’t remember. Or how she got to this strange land she has awoken in. Jane Doe, as she comes to be called, can’t remember how she has ended up injured and thirsty. All she knows for sure is that she MUST get home to her children as soon as possible – but how to do that?


She needs to find someone to help her, but the people she meets seem vaguely familiar and yet strangers unconcerned with her increasingly desperate situation. It’s all very confusing. The longer Jane remains in this strange place the worse things become even as she meets more people who in their own way try to help her . . . It feels like her life is unraveling, and she will have to find within her a strength she has not had to access before in order to make it home.

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