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Prepare and enjoy your favorite classic desserts, totally vegan!

Inspired by her love for vintage cookbooks, Laura Crotty, a health-supportive chef and culinary writer, created The Little Vegan Dessert Cookbook and has carefully curated classic desserts reinvented to be healthy, decadent, and easily made at home with common ingredients found in most grocery stores. These dairy-free, wholesome sweets are as simple to prepare as most standard packaged mixes, with the added benefit of feeding your friends and family delicious treats that are likely to make a difference in the way they look and feel.


Brightly illustrated throughout, The Little Vegan Dessert Cookbook has been thoughtfully crafted as a collectible for the cookbook enthusiast in all of us. It will not only make a stylish gift, but will support the health and well-being of your loved ones and the planet.

"From revised vegan versions of classic Toll House chocolate chip cookies to peanut butter cups, Laura gets us up to date with nostalgic classics, one easy recipe after another . . . Full of fun photos and graphics, it's a page turner!"

—Dustin Harder, TV Chef, Creator of The Vegan Roadie


“Beautifully illustrated throughout, nicely organized, and expertly presented . . . this specialized culinary compendium of vegan recipes will prove to be an enduringly welcomed edition to any and all vegan cookbook collections.”

—Midwest Book Review

“A must-have kitchen tome for vegans and an offbeat gift book for a vegan friend . . .

--InfoDad blog

"Treat yourself to this book and explore the world of vegan baking.

You'll be happy that you did!"

--Stephan Germano, CEO of the Pasta Pizza Store

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