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Telling a story is one of the most basic--and difficult--challenges a fiction writer must face. Acclaimed author, editor, and literary agent Peter Rubie knows that challenge firsthand. 

Rubie's unique combination of experience as an author, agent and editor provides beginning writers with the advice they need to master the difficult craft of writing fiction.  

He describes various approaches to storytelling--getting ideas, creating characters, establishing point of view, developing style and structuring a coherent story. Includes thought-provoking exercises for each topic discussed. 

By sharing his creative and critical expertise, he gives helpful advice writers need to master the art of storytelling, including how to:

  • Create compelling characters and strong plotlines

  • Pace a story and develop a coherent structure and style

  • Refine your technique with thought-provoking exercises that hone your storytelling skills

  • Anticipate the realities of getting your work published--how to make it happen while maintaining confidence and motivation

"Invaluable . . . should be on every writer's bookshelf,"

—Tom Colgan, Executive Editor, PenguinRandomHouse

"A wonderful book that every aspiring professional writer should own."

—Matthew Bialer, Agent Greenberger Associates

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