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Real Dangerous People.jpg

If the first Kim Oh book left you breathless, sit back and buckle up!

With the velocity of a female Jason Bourne and the dispassion of Richard Stark’s classic Parker novels, Real Dangerous People picks up with Kim Oh dealing with the death of her hitman mentor, Cole. She’s about to fall in with some real thugs. But proving herself to a pack of professional killers is easy compared to dealing with the social workers who want to take away her little brother Donnie--a problem a gun won’t solve as much as she’d like it to.


Having traded in her adding machine for a .357 Magnum, Kim has to find a way to stay alive in the hard world of wolves she now lives in.


Laced with K.W. Jeter’s sly wit and gritty prose, the story picks up steam in this second installment as rookie enforcer Kim struggles to make it to the big leagues while making a better home for herself and her wheelchair-bound brother, Donnie.

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