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Editing & Proofreading

The Benefits of Editing

Every manuscript benefits from having a fresh pair of eyes on it--especially if those eyes are those of a well-trained professional line editor, copy editor or proofreader. Your reputation is on the line when you release a book into the world, which is why we're here to make you look good! The editors on our team specialize in all different types of content including books in the categories of health, business, pop culture, parenting, memoirs, books for young readers, and novels. Ask us!

With rare exception, authors need editing to prepare their manuscripts for typesetting. As an independent author, hiring the services of a professional copy editor is one of the most important ways to ensure that you produce a high-quality product. The status of the material determines the amount of intervention we recommend for any given manuscript. Some authors require only minimal support. Others need intense structural guidance--or even co-writing.

If your manuscript or page proofs require careful proofreading--not editing--we can do that for you too! Read on to learn more about our services.

How We Do Our Editorial Work

Depending on the progress you've made in writing your book to date, you may need either a relatively light line edit or a heavier structural edit The first step in hiring us for editing is to get on the phone with us for a short conversation so we can get a good idea of what you are doing on the page, or trying to do in some cases. Once we are on the same page (forgive the pun), you are "driving the bus." We'll ask you to see a sample of your manuscript plus a synopsis or table of contents so we can better assess it.

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Our Services


Manuscript Status Evaluation

Are you in the middle of writing your book? Have you finished a full draft? We can offer you professional feedback whenever you're ready. This type of evaluation is designed to help you understand your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, and also determine what further assistance may be necessary to produce a professionally looking, readable book.

Light Copy Editing

When a manuscript is in exceptionally good shape, we will recommend a light copy edit in which grammar and spelling are evaluated line by line. Suggestions for how to increase clarity may be made. 

Heavy-Plus Copy Editing/Co-Writing

In some cases, authors really need a partner to help them complete a manuscript. If so, we assign an appropriate team member who is knowledgeable in your genre.



Proofreading (both the manuscript and final proof production pages) is the last step before getting your book published. Having someone with a trained eye review your manuscript will help discover typos, dropped words, and other typos, so that your book will be clean and reader-ready.

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