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“My hope is that at least some of the writers we publish will be shaping culture, and helping and entertaining readers for years to come."

           – Peter Rubie, Publisher

Lincoln Square Books


Transforming Publishing

for Today's Authors


Welcome to the Lincoln Square Books publishing experience. We focus on teamwork, and a mentoring collaboration with our authors designed to empower them. Our high-quality print and e-books use Amazon's global distribution services exclusively for the first year of publication, and then other vendors after that.

Like mainstream publishers large and small, we only publish books we believe in. But if we accept your book, we can get it to market in half the time of traditional publishers.

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What We

Lincoln Square looks for fiction and nonfiction that editors in larger mainstream publishing houses would like to publish, but can't figure out how to -- and make money -- because of their overhead. ​We believe that the so-called "midlist" book, far from being defunct, has an audience, and a combination of 21st Century technology and old school hands-on publishing skills allows us to partner with authors to reach readers in a cost effective way.

We look for two kinds of authors -- those whose unpublished books are falling through the cracks, and those whose published books are now lost souls in a madding tide of newer titles.


We publish stories about people -- past, present, and future -- who face challenges that shape not only their lives, but also the lives of those around them. Stories need plots, but for us, plot is what characters do next.


We don't care about an author's sales record.  Few authors in publishing make much money. We want to publish stories that read well. Our nonfiction is mainly focused on stories about our lives, and how we can understand and, hopefully, improve our world. 


How to Submit to Us


Lincoln Square curates its catalog of books, taking advantage of new technologies to revive old fashioned book publishing philosophies. We know what we want, and we are already in contact with many of the authors we want to publish. 

Every literary agent has a project they love for which they can't find a publisher. Previously published authors have back lists and new works they love for which they can't find a publisher.  These are the type of projects to submit to us. ​Queries can be made via our contact page.

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